Monday, February 22, 2010

Are hotdogs the new Camel Joe?

Until reading the linked FOX News article, I was not aware that hotdogs currently have a choking hazard warning label on their packaging. But apparently, this already over-the-top safety measure isn't enough.

Tragically, a 4-year old died from choking on hotdog pieces. Now, this child's mother, backed by The American Academy of Pediatrics, is pushing for more warnings to be implemented regarding the danger of hotdogs. In addition, she is calling for changes in advertising of this classic American treat so that the ads are not targeted at children.

Obviously, choking is a serious issue and losing a child is devastating. But, am I alone in feeling like this reaction is extreme? I mean hotdogs aren't a pack of Camel cigarettes, whose manufacturer was accused of enticing children to begin a fatal addiction through the use of the Camel Joe cartoon image. My feeling is that every food could potentially cause a child to choke. So, where do we draw the line between predatory corporate advertising and personal accountability?

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