Saturday, February 13, 2010

A scientist outs her sprituality and conservatism

Hello and welcome!
Currently, I am a soon to be graduating doctoral student at a top Ivy League medical school. However, I don't quite fit the mold when it comes to the prototypical PhD student in the biomedical sciences. Why do you ask? Because I have other interests than just science, and worst of all, have begun to embrace what many colleagues may consider heretical views.

For starters, I have grown to entertain intelligence design. Also, I have become increasingly spiritual. Consequently, I have begun re-exploring my religious faith during the last few years. So, I might not be a "respectable" scientist because I am not satiated by Darwin's theory of evolution.

To make matters worse, I've abandoned my youthful liberalism and have increasingly aligned myself with the more conservative viewpoint on a wide range of political and social issues. Where does that leave me? Eschewed from the deeply entrenched liberal camp that resides within New England.

I welcome any and all people who are interested in hearing one young scientist's perspective on spirituality, as well as contemporary political and social issues. I hope that this will encourage future dialogue that might help narrow the growing gulf that exists between the public and scientists.

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