Sunday, March 14, 2010

Modern day eugenics right here in America

The first thing that comes to mind with respect to eugenics, is Nazi Germany's work to cleanse the population of people they deemed genetically undesirable due to their handicap, low intelligence or sexual orientation. But surely eugenics isn't still happening, and certainly not in America, right?

Well, according to a recent FOX News article (linked within this post's title) eugenics is freely being endorsed by a North Carolina based social organization called Project Prevention. The focus of this organization has been to reduce births to drug-addicts, a seemingly noble idea. Unfortunately, the methods employed by this organization are nefarious.

Recently, Project Prevention has decided to offer drug-addicted woman a $300 incentive to not become pregnant. It sounds harmless until you hear the lengths to which this organization will go in order to achieve this objective.

As cited in a recent BBC News article (, Project Prevention has pushed women to use long-term birth control. But most deplorable of all, this organization has had a hand in the permanent sterilization of 1,226 woman and 35 men.

Clearly, there is something tragic about a child being exposed in utero to drugs and or being born into a volatile home. However, this does not give Barbara Harris, the founder of Project Prevention, the right to rob men and woman of their reproductive potential. In fact, this work seems downright criminal. After all, alcoholic intoxication is sufficient to negate sexual consent in criminal rape cases. Therefore, it seems logical that the Project Prevention clients, who are addicted to powerful illicit narcotics, could not be able to provide legal consent to irreversible sterilization procedures.

If you find this organization's work to be as alarming as I do, please share this article with others. Hopefully, by raising public awareness, we can stop this domestic eugenics program.

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