Friday, March 26, 2010

Sick and twisted: public high school helps child get abortion without parental consent

I heard this story last night on the news and I was disgusted! A clinic within a Seattle Washington public high school helped a 15 year old child, a minor, go for an abortion after she tested positive with a pregnancy test that she had taken at the school. The child's mother was furious and has recently gone public about her ire, and I would say rightly so.

I was shocked to realize that there are such morally corrupt people in this world. This clinic lobbied a minor, without parental consent, to terminate a pregnancy. Worst of all, "they [the school clinic] just told her [the child] that if she concealed it from her family, that it would be free of charge and no financial responsibility." Children at all ages look to adults for guidance. What kind of person would think it is acceptable to teach an impressionable child that personal responsibility is dead and that saving a few bucks is more important than saving a life?

Even if you separate from the abortion issue, this clinic's subversion of the family unit is deplorable. What kind of person thinks that it is acceptable to teach a minor that they should lie and hide information from their parents?

I know abortion is a divisive issue, and that there are people that fervently believe in a woman's right to choose. But, I think even pro-choice individuals would have to agree that the actions of this Seattle school clinic are radical and disgraceful. I think every parent expects his rights as his child's legal guardian to be respected here in America.

If you want to protect your parental rights, fight back and reclaim them! If you find this equally appalling, ask your local school district what their policy is on the acquisition of parental consent before termination of a pregnancy. Also, be advised that you should read the fine print and ask questions before you unknowingly sign away your parental rights. The mother of this Seattle teen signed a consent form with the clinic at the beginning of the year, assuming it was to grant permission for the clinic to give her child simple or routine medical care in her absence. This matter extends beyond the school district. You may find that you have to lobby your local representatives in order to overturn state legislation that permits such predatory practices on a child patient.

Please share this article to parents, or anyone, that you know.

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